Cut The Root

Cut The Root is a newly started production company. They needed a new logo design and graphic profile to go with their merchandise and website. I designed the company logo with the name and their work in mind. They are named Cut The Root which made me visualize a flower-like symbol. The round holes symbolizes a speaker, which references to their work with sound.

The website was made with usability and accessibility in mind. To be able to distinguish what the website needed, a focus group analysis was made with interviews and observations.

The work with the website underwent the stages of design process, graphical process, information design and interaction design. User Experience was tested by user observations during the implementation of the website. Accessibility was obtained by following the latest Web Accessibility Guidelines. The web design was made responsive, to ensure a satisfying user experience on every device.

The client also wanted business cards, in which thesame graphic profile as on the website was established. The graphic profile was recurrent in merchandise, including t-shirts, bags and coffee cups as well.