Desert SKY

A computer built for extreme heat. Got extra cooling features and is custom built for being outdoors. Comes with a specialized screen which is readable in intense sunlight. Perfect for film makers.

  • Only 4 kg
  • Choose between six, eight and twelve cores
  • Available with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB memory
  • AMD FirePro W9000 Graphics
  • Included Software Highlights: Adobe Premierie Pro, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3DS MAX
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desert sky

Meteor SKY

Specialized for highly demandable programs. This computer was originally made for NASA needing a custom built, fully geared computer which can handle a big workload and any demanding task.

  • Twelve Cores
  • 64 GB Memory (Four 16 GB)
  • AMD FirePro W9000 Graphics
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Northern Lights SKY

Like our Desert SKY, this computer is made for extreme weather conditions. Can handle very cold climated and comes with waterproofed gear. Originally customized for outdoor expeditions on the North Pole.

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Specialized for Music Studios. Choose between the best sound cards available on the market. No unnecessary graphic cards stealing power, just geared with the great needs for any musician.

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